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Dr. Craig McClain (6’3″) is an expert on the science of body size in animals with more than 30 scientific publications.  He is author and editor of Deep-Sea News, an award winning ocean-themed blog that has been rated the top marine biology blog on the web.  His popular writing has been featured in Miller-McCune, Cosmos, Science Illustrated, Wired and American Scientist.  Dr. McClain has extensive experience in leading and participating in scientific field expeditions to the some of the most remote locations on Earth. He is currently the director of the National Science Foundation’s National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham, North Carolina.

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  1. Welcome to the Story of Size
    Welcome to the Story of Size at ·

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  2. Cory
    Cory at · Reply

    I LOVE this site thank you but may I make a suggestion? Could you “dumb it down” for those of us who do not know the scientific names of the categories of animals? (on the left side in the black the legend has scientific names but I have no idea what a chaetognatha or annelida or priapula etc is. I can’t navigate easily through the site (and it is a great site!)
    thanks again for the wonderful and entertaining info and pics LOVE IT!

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