How Big is Walrus?


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How big is a walrus?

1)     So big that the strongest man in world would have trouble lifting him. Walrus can weigh up to 1,183 pounds.

2)      So big it acts as a major food source for the Inuit people.

3)      When napping on a submarine, it disturbs normal function.


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4)      So big that a polar bear and killer whale are it’s only predators (90% of the animal kingdom eats prey smaller than it)

5)      So big that they need a thick layer of blubber to compensate for heat loss (Bergman’s Rule) across such a large surface area.

6)      So big that when they’re sexually mature, they wait to reproduce until they’re big enough to fight other walruses

7)      So big that it according to Dr. Kevin Healy it may alter their perception of time

8)      So big that even the Beatles took note

9)      But not too big to dance

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